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Dress-up as your favorite superhero for Halloween in August.Prove once and for all you do make the best chili in the annual Cook-off.  Send the kids to the tent to make summer crafts while you catch up with your favorite novel. Green Acres has activities for the whole family to enjoy.Learn More


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Being a seasonal allows you access to exceptional facilities,exclusive lake privileges, and year round trailer storage.

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Green Acres Campground

Green Acres is Nestled on the sandy shores of Pine Lake Alberta, Green Acres is a seasonal RV resort offering exceptional service, top-notch facilities, and family activities, combined with serene lakeside living. Green Acres boasts approximately 400 beautifully landscaped lots, ranging from lakeside, mere meters from the water to treed hideaways, with hidden decks and fire pits.

Heated to a consistent temperature of 18 degrees Celsius the pool is refreshing in any weather; a perfect compliment to a hot July day, or a warm dip on those cool late August nights. The salt-water system ensures that green hair, and red swollen eyes are a thing of the past.  Daily swim times are available for adults looking for a great way to stay in shape over the summer, or a quiet morning float.


Lucy’s Coffee Shop maintains the tradition of great food, friendly atmosphere, and homemade treats. Nightly specials and homemade baked goods make the grocery store an unnecessary stop before heading to the lake.


For over 65 years, the Fisher Family has owned and operated Green Acres. For three generations they have maintained a firm commitment to providing the best camping experience in the Province. Despite changes and growth over the years, they still think of guests as members of their extended family!


 Green Acres offers exclusive boat docking, and launching facilities for your water activities.

 The big tent, gazebo and commercial BBq are available to host your wedding, family reunion, or staff function.

 Playgrounds sprinkled throughout the Park make it easy to entertain the mini members of the family.

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